virtual world of intrigue.

March 9, 2010

wow. two posts in one day, aren’t you the lucky reader.

This blog is snarky, it’s sarcastic, and it comments on the unfortunate state of our everyday lives being taken over by a virtual world in the internet. It’s called “The Social Spy” because a) I ┬áhave always held a fascination with the history of espionage and spygames, and b) it comments on our ever changing social atmosphere. It is written to combine the two. This blog is a part of the exact “social networking virtual espionage” I am writing against; therein lies the humour.

I am a product of this ever changing, ever growing virtual world as you are. I am not bashing on any one person, I am not attempting to start a dramatic revolt or fuel the virtual fire, so to speak. I am simply a girl, who enjoys to write, combining universal truths with a bit of fun. Tomorrow you will see a post on fake profiles and the evolution of the ‘stalker.’